Consulting & Advising Services


Serving clients in the Chicago area and the Midwest, Graff, Blanski & Kim helps individuals with social security and retirement planning.

Growing your business is essential to the long-term viability of the organization as well as your personal financial security. Our Consulting & Advising Services are customized to meet both your personal and organizational requirements. We also provide other special services ranging from litigation support to planning and administering election services.

Graff, Blanski & Kim Consulting & Advising Services include:


  • Retirement Planning: Maximize your financial security in retirement. We’ll advise you on such topics as early retirement and the effects of withdrawals of your plan assets, working while receiving social security, and minimum withdrawals from individual retirement accounts (IRAs).
  • Social Security Planning: Take advantage of this important resource at retirement. Our certified Social Security advisor helps you receive your fair share even if you continue working after retirement age.
  • Estate & Trust Planning: Maximize the amount you transfer to your intended beneficiaries while paying the least amount of taxes.

Business services include internal control consulting.

Business and Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Controller Services: Advice on filling your controller position including serving in a temporary controller role until the position is filled.
  • Internal Control Consulting: Deters fraudulent financial reporting, protects your assets, and provides indications of potential problems by assessing and implementing adequate internal controls for financial reporting consistent with the size of your organization.

Special Services

  • Litigation Support: For attorneys, financial institutions, insurance and bonding companies in the areas of:
    • Bankruptcy
    • Business Valuations
    • Calculation of Lost Profits
    • Construction Claims
    • Damages Incurred in Lender Liability
    • Divorce
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Fraud and Embezzlement
    • Malpractice Claims
  • Election Services: From the beginning of the process to the tabulation and reporting of the results, we have more than 45 years experience in providing the highest quality election services.

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