Accounting & Auditing Services


GB&K provide accounting and auditing services to clients in metropolitan Chicago and the Midwest.

Graff, Blanski & Kim delivers Accounting & Auditing Services tailored to your growth plans and requirements. Our accounting services enable you to obtain meaningful information consistent with generally accepted accounting standards.

Auditing services provide assurance that your reports are free from material misstatement. Together these services provide you with the information necessary for planning and implementing business process improvement and growth strategies.

Our Accounting & Auditing Services include:


  • Financial statements, reviews and compilations: A financial statement (or financial report) is the record of your organization’s financial activities presented in a structured, easy to understand format. In a review, we examine your financial statements but not at the depth of a formal audit. A compilation gathers your financial records into a format required by accounting standards.
  • Evaluations and financial alternatives: We will perform a thorough evaluation of your current financial situation in order to provide strategic advice and guidance regarding financial alternatives you need to make business decisions such as mergers, acquisitions, expansions, capital investment and other refinancing decisions.
  • Year-end results and profit planning: We will review your year-end results with you to provide strategic insight and recommendations for improving profit performance while growing your business.
  • Financial reports and bookkeeping: We will prepare all financial reports needed for tax and planning purposes. We also will provide our bookkeeping services
  • Financial modeling: We will assist your strategic planning effort with financial models designed to compare various scenarios for business growth and profitability improvement.


Through our auditing services, we will review your data, statements, records, operations and performance. Audits provide third party assurance that the subject matter audited is free from material misstatement. We can provide auditing services for the following:

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